June will ensure the same opportunities afforded to her family growing up are available for everyone: affordable housing and a path to homeownership, a revitalized economy with good jobs and dignified wages, a world class education that includes vocational training, and safe and inclusive communities. As mayor, she will deliver real results for all of us:

Lower housing costs

Manchester’s best export cannot be our young people. With one of the hottest housing markets in the country, we must find a way for more young people and families to live here. June has plans to streamline the permitting process and better utilize the affordable housing trust here in Manchester to incentivize developers in the area to build more housing that is affordable.

Public Safety

June knows we must continue to work together to keep our community safe. She will continue to work in conjunction with Police, Fire, Health, and Public Works to foster community partnerships providing services that keep our streets safe while supporting our most vulnerable residents. As mayor, June will ensure that City Hall fully supports funding for public safety and the implementation of new technology enabling us to track trends and proactively address our challenges.

Grow Our Economy

As a small business owner, June understands the value small businesses bring to our city, as well as the challenges they face. As mayor, she will create more opportunities for those who want to start or grow their own business and work to attract larger employers to Manchester.

Improve Schools

We must continue to push Manchester schools forward. Despite receiving less funding per pupil than anywhere else in the state, our students and teachers remain successful, but need more support. As mayor, June will bring the insight of a former teacher and will do what it takes to ensure our students leave school with bright futures ahead.

Expand Career Opportunities

As a former public school educator, June knows that not every student will take the path to college. As mayor, she will work to expand vocational programs and partnerships so that students can graduate with the skills they need to have a successful, good-paying career.

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